About Us

Gospel Church Ministries International

Gospel Church Ministries International is a  non-profit service organization set up and dedicated to providing financial assistance  to underprivileged students by way of grants for college education. These students come from poor backgrounds where parents cannot afford to pay for the college expenses. We place a special emphasis on girl education. Right now, we have three girls enrolled in a college of nursing on our Grants program working on their R.N degree. There are much more girls waiting to get into college. These students have realized that without a college degree, they cannot find a decent job. They are eager to obtain a college education and find good paying jobs that can help them move out of poverty.

Our services are also extended to low to none income senior citizens. They may be sick, handicapped , and or malnourished. We help them by providing equipment such as Canes, Walkers, reading glasses, and medication. Food assistance also provided according to the need.

We work with the people who are basically poor. Our Volunteers look for poor families who do not have sufficient income to give their growing children proper nourishment. We help them by providing assistance towards their food expenses under the program known as  “Feed The Hungry”


Testimonials by our friends & family who are supporting our mission.

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