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Girl Education Program

Help Girls get College Education

Girl education is both a key and a serious case to reaching other development objectives. Providing girls with an education helps break the cycle of poverty.

Food for the Hungry

Help the poor to have a better life.

G.C. Ministries International assist those who are in need by providing monthly allowance for their food expenses until they are able to live without help from others.

Helping the Seniors and Elderly

Assistance program for the elderly

We offer the elderly with canes, walkers, medication, reading glasses, and food assistance. This program has been greatly appreciated by the leaders of the community

We Want your help

All of our programs are being sponsored by public and private donations. We are on a mission to educate girls right up to college, helping the seniors and elderly and feeding the hungry. It is true that no one person can solve all the problems of the world, but we can certainly make some difference. We invite you to join us in this noble cause

Whatever help you can give will be greatly appreciated by the G.C. Ministries International.

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Our Mission

The greatest mission of the G.C. Ministires International is to reach and serve underprivileged girls and boys born into poor and backward class families in the community. Their parents have been living under the ancient cultural traditions, especially when it comes to girl education. According to this cultural thinking, it has been considered an unnecessary waste of money to send girls to school. Boys always took preeminence over the girls when it came to education The birth of a girl child is still considered by some as an unlucky omen and a big financial burden on the family budget when it comes to her marriage and dowry that goes with it.


Ministries for the helpless have undertaken the task of bringing awareness to these parents about the changing of times and the importance of girl education right up to a college degree. Our volunteers share with the parents the valuable information  about the importance of girl education and the influence it can have on the new generations for breaking the cycle of poverty under which their forefathers have lived for centuries. Ministries for The Helpless is providing grants and scholarships to the girls who want to go to college.

Cheerful Indian Girl Student Erasing Mathematics Problems from Greenboard Blackboard

Every girl, no matter where she’s born, deserves to dream. You can make her dreams a reality.

Educated women are less likely to marry early and against their will; less likely to die in childbirth, and more likely to have healthy babies. and more likely to send their children to school.

By educating girls, we can break the cycle of poverty in just one generation.

Currently Enrolled Girls

Three Girls who are enrolled in R.N degree Currently

Girl Enrolled in Grant Program by Ministries For The Helpless
Enrolled Girl 3
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